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EHS (environment, health, safety)


Vishnu Chemicals is committed for conservation of environment, health and safety of its employees and all stakeholders. The company’s growth plans are in line with environment, health and safety policy. Awareness programs and training to all the staff and workers on safety and environment is a continuous activity. Continual improvement is the key factor in achieving highest standards sustainable growth.

Our Environmental Management efforts are:
- Installation of air emission control equipments for controlling particle and air quality

- Effluent wastewater treatment facility with tertiary treatment including reverse osmosis

- Stabilization of waste residue, using an automated treatment plant and disposal as per the Hazardous Waste (Handling, Management & Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2008.

- Development of "Green Belt" on the perimeter of the entire facility

- Conservation of natural resources: minerals, water and energy to maximum levels. Operations are engineered in a closed loop sytem, all water is treated and reused to achieve zero discharge

- Compliance to all Local, State and Central Government Legislation and Standards

Our health and safety practices are:
- Deployment of appropriate and adequate Safety Appliances
- Mandatory use of personal protective equipment
- Provision of safe drinking water
- Regular health checkups
Quality Policy

Over two decades of our expertise in chrome chemical manufacturing, we have strived for exceptional quality and continual improvement.

Technical excellence and innovative solutions are key factors for our continual improvement.

Achieving customer satisfaction, alignment to client expectations and consistently meeting or exceeding client requirements. We work with customers, trade associates, regulators and contractors to promote the best practices in the use of our products.

Enrichment of knowledge is a continuous process for all our employees. All our employees are committed to exceptional quality.

Complying with National and International standards and all regulatory requirements is a mandatory policy.

We work in accordance with International Quality Management System standards and awarded certification of ISO 9001: 2000